The next generation of cancer therapies

Vyriad is developing novel oncolytic virus therapies for the treatment of cancers with significant unmet clinical need.  We are engineering potent Vesicular Stomatitis virus and Measles virus oncolytic platforms to selectively destroy cancer cells. 

Dual Mechanism of Tumor Destruction

Preclinical studies indicate that Vyriad’s engineered viruses provide a potent cancer treatment with the ability to amplify itself and selectively destroy cancer cells in a dual mechanism process.1,2


Oncolytic Phase: Virus infects, replicates selectively within and rapidly destroys cancer cells.


Immune Phase: Rapid oncolytic destruction stimulates the immune system which slowly destroys remaining uninfected tumor cells for long term tumor control.


We envisage oncolytic viruses will be a new cornerstone of cancer treatment.



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How the Virus Infects and Destroys the Tumor

Radial expansion/conflation of intratumoral infectious centers (oncolytic phase) followed by immune cell infiltration and killing (immune phase).