Oncolytic Viral Therapy
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Turning Viruses into Effective Anticancer Drugs
VSV Platform



Harnessing Nature’s Microbes to Cure Cancer

At Vyriad, we are developing the next generation of targeted cancer therapies using engineered viruses that selectively attack cancer cells and ignite robust immune responses to prevent cancer recurrence.  We believe our toolbox of oncolytic viruses has tremendous potential to improve the lives of patients, inspire hope and change the way cancer is treated.



Multiple Phase 1-2 clinical trials are underway using Vyriad’s lead clinical asset, Voyager-V1, an armed and trackable oncolytic VSV, in combination with immune modulating drugs. Indications include metastatic colorectal cancer (Voyager-V1 in combination with Bavencio®, an anti-PD-L1 antibody from Merck KGaA/Pfizer), non-small cell lung cancer and head and neck cancer (Voyager-V1 plus pembrolizumab), endometrial cancer and hematological malignancies (Voyager-V1 with ruxolitinib). Clinical studies with Vyriad’s second oncolytic virus platform, an engineered measles virus, are ongoing in bladder cancer and recurrent brain cancers (medulloblastoma and Atypical Teratoid Rhabdoid Tumor).  For more information, including patient enrollment and eligibility, please visit our Pipeline page.


At Vyriad, we harness the natural cell killing ability of viruses to turn them into effective anticancer drugs. Through genetic modification, we made viruses to better target and infect cancer cells, deliver powerful payloads, and mobilize the immune system.  These oncolytic viruses do not harm normal cells, pose no risk of transmission to the population, and can generate immunological memory to protect against cancer recurrence.  Vyriad has two potent viral platforms with natural characteristics that are ideal for creating a generation of safe, trackable and effective oncolytic viruses.  We believe our best-in-class oncolytic viral platforms will become a backbone therapy for numerous cancers and ultimately may provide patients with a single shot cure.



At Vyriad, we are passionate, relentlessly curious and singularly dedicated to turning viruses into effective anticancer drugs for cancer patients.  Vyriad is based in Rochester, Minnesota, a friendly city ranked 9th in 2018 Top 100 Best Places to Live and home of Mayo Clinic, ranked the #1 hospital in the USA.  We offer employees unique opportunities to discover, innovate and grow professionally within a dynamic and collaborative environment.  We are expanding our R&D, clinical operations and GMP manufacturing teams to support the ambitious goals of our company. Join us now! To learn more about careers at Vyriad, contact us.